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Our Philosophy

Collect moments, not things

Everyone is sharing something these days. I know it's hard to make what is important to you and who you are individually, as a couple, or as a business stand out.
I'm dedicated to your story, and I want to share it with the world through photos and films.

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Hey you! Lauren, here at HCP, and we want to be the place where adventure, simple passion, & fine art connect.

Go dream big, take risks, travel the world, and LOVE with all of your heart. So you see, this about so much more than pretty photos and films. At the heart of this, is your story.

I'll overuse emojis while talking about minimalism and might say the word "vibes" more than someone should, but what matters is how I make you feel. I hope you feel our energy and love and okay, vibes, that we have your back when telling your story. Let's jump in!

xoxo, Lauren

“Love is touching souls
Surely you touched mine 'cause
Part of you pours out of me”


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