Dear creatives,

One thing I miss from my 9-5 life is leadership.

One of my philosophies as a leader then was to train people so that they could replace me, and that is my goal with these mentorships.

My goals with offering mentorships is to give you the opportunity to do something better than me. I'll be transparent about what did or didn't work with marketing, editing, taxes, hiring, firing, studio jobs, equipment choices, and more.

Video Chat Session | $300/hour

Ask me anything. We can share a screen if you are asking specific editing questions.

In-Person Session | 2 Hours | $500

Let's meet for coffee or at my studio. We can talk about how to get started, how to deal with certain situations, what email templates I use, camera settings, set up your gimbal, etc.

In-Person Session and Live Shoot | 4 Hours | $1000

Let's work with a real live couple or family to capture movement and moments. I'll help you with your settings, gimbal, angles, philosophy, and prompts. Then, we can sit down and talk about how to story-line and interpret your footage.