How Many Hours You Should Book?

When you're in the thick of planning, deciding how many hours you need coverage of your day is daunting. You don't know the timeline and all the activities just yet. I wanted to offer this guide to help you visualize. I do offer a flat retainer so that we can adjust as we go along so that you can add activities to your hearts content.

3-6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Just because this is usually the least expensive package offered doesn’t necessarily mean it is only for couples with tight budgets! Five to six hours of coverage is plenty for small weddings and elopements. When weddings have less than 25 people, each event tends to go faster, and we can move along in the timeline quicker. That being said, 3-6 hours of coverage only works logistically if the ceremony and reception are in the same location. For micro weddings, 6 hours is plenty of time to get prep if you need it, a generous portrait time, and a special dance or dinner. If you don't wish to cover prep, 3 hours is available for elopements.


  • 6 hours of coverage most likely means that there will not be much (or any) time for detail decor/design shots or photos of you getting ready, but ceremony, portraits, family photos, first dance, and cake cutting will be prioritized.
  • The end of the night comes early with just 6 hours of coverage so, most likely there will not be many photos of the reception once dancing starts, which is fine if you're not into that!

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

An 8-9 hour package is usually enough time for an average-size wedding (about 100-150 people), and the extra 2 hours of coverage will usually allow the photographer to capture the tail end of you getting ready, some detail shots of the reception space, and the start of the dance party. 


  • If you have your heart set on doing a first look, then we recommend at least 8 hours of coverage
  • Even though 8 hours seems like a lot of time, this works best for weddings where the ceremony and reception are at the same location. Since the additional 2 hours gives the photographer just enough time to take a few getting ready, detail, and dancing shots, you don’t want to waste 30 or 40 minutes on your photographer needing to pack up her/his gear and drive to (and set back up at) a second location.

9-10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Don’t want to feel rushed to get all of the Pinterest-worthy shots everyone wants on their wedding day? Then at least 10 hours of coverage is the right way to go. Since the photographers are on site for most of the day, there is enough time to get all of the detail and prep shots, plus plenty of extra time for a first look (if you want to do one). On top of that, nobody will have to rush through any of the wedding party and family portraits before getting to dinner and dancing.


  • If the wedding ceremony and reception are taking place in different locations, we recommend at least 9 hours of coverage. This gives the team enough time to travel to the second location and still get all of the shots of your reception before guest arrival.
  • Party is the pinnacle of the day and you want to make sure to get all the dance moves.

12 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage


  • If you have a huge wedding party and family who are DIYing your wedding, elements of the day take about 50% longer. (not to mention the fact that it can be difficult to find and get the right people in the right place all at the right time!).
  • If you're super into design and/or have the budget to make all of those inspiration ideas come to life, it would be a bummer if all of those design details didn’t get documented.
  • You're getting married in a location where weather and travel might inhibit guests and us from doing everything on time.
  • Religious traditions or family traditions that you want documented before prep.
  • Any fun activities that you want documented the morning of: going golfing, visiting a local coffee shop, etc.