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2020-my, my do I have words for you. Even in the midst of that insane year, love still prevails and eternal love stories are still being crafted.

Before 2020, my weddings would have been spread out in an 8 month time span. Instead, it was all scrunched into 4 months due to COVID reschedules and ones that were added to 2021. This means more time is needed for each film as I have half the amount of "normal" time that I have to film, edit, and deliver your wedding film and everything is crammed into those four months. I am so thankful for all of your support, and that at the end of the day we are still able to celebrate your love and commitment to each other!

I will always remind you that my films are not cookie cutter or templated. I would rather spend that extra couple of weeks making sure everything feels right, than rush your film, that I know full well, you will watch over and over, forever.

This is also the case for corporate material as I juggle many edits at once. Here is my current editing queue:

(Updated 12:00 on 04/11/22)


  • Jane & Scott

I will keep this list accurate and up to date so that you can track your progress for delivery (almost like tracking packages in the mail). Thank you for all of your support of Hello Cheetah Productions!