Is this the corner diner? Because we would like to get grilled.

No, really. We love it when potential couples ask us and grill us with these questions. You know why? Because we spend a lot of time and money each year to make sure we can answer these questions confidently and give you the most professional experience. You can just make your memories while we are capturing them.

Being able to license music so that your film can always be streamed on any platform and so we don't go to jail? Important and required by law for wedding films.

Being able to fly our drone safely and stay up to date with the FAA? Important and required by law for your wedding.

Backing up footage to multiple locations? Important and no-brainer.

Having backup cameras in case one fails on your wedding day? Important and no-brainer.

Only hiring second shooters that have a proven track record with us and that we could trust to replace us? Important and no-brainer.

Having multiple ways to capture audio because weddings are sometimes unpredictable? Important and no-brainer.

Having liability insurance to cover you, us, and the venue in case of accident? Important and required for some venues.


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