Swiss wedding vibes?

As elopements often do, they are pretty unplanned. This situation forced us to photograph and video during what is called "blue light" for the portraits. I have been craving getting that Outlander / Scottish wedding feeling (sans a kilt), and I think you can feel some of that influence in some of these portraits. I kept saying to Chasity that it gave me a "Switzerland" feeling, though, when we found this location. All those cows needed was some "ting ting" sounds of their bells around their neck in the background and some snowy caps!

One thing I love about being a second shooter is being able to take the images home and edit them in an expressive way. I feel like it keeps me fresh and on point with how I'm feeling on trends, timeless edits, or mix the two. Whether as a videographer or photographer, I look forward to every opportunity to keep my skills sharp and to remember to create art for me first and the world second. I experimented a bit with letting the clips be dark, except for the natural glow on the skin, and utilizing motion blur in the dress.

These images are images I took as a second shooter for Chasity Chen Photography.

The elopement was originally planned for Max Patch outside of Asheville. We drove up to Max Patch, where Chasity and I had both photographed before. When we got to the top, Max Patch was an absolute cloud. Knowing that the couple had young children, we decided to just FIND A SPOT. We started our drive down the mountain. I got in the driver's seat and Chasity started calling whoever she could with what little cell phone signal we had.

Obviously, this is not the greatest feeling, but it is the "charm" of a destination wedding with no official venue. The backup location at the bride's cabin wasn't as pretty as she thought, either, so that really put the pressure on us. No, we are not wedding coordinators, but we wanted the best day ever for this bride and groom regardless!

90 minutes later, we were watching them get married behind a church. This was actually pretty ideal with the arbor set up and the little girls that were bonded that day (check out those tears!). The hike up to the mountain to Max Patch might've been hard in that white fur!

I took some video clips (can't help myself!) which I will include later, but for now, here are a few of my favorite shots.

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